Fan Gets Pepper Sprayed at Raiders-Panthers Game (Video)

The highlight of the Oakland Raiders-Carolina Panthers game didn’t happen on the field. It occurred somewhere in the halls of Bank of America Stadium.

In the video below, we see stadium police subdue and hold down two drunk fans– we assume– who were previously fighting with one another– again, we assume. The Panthers fan is refusing to pull his hand against his back, so naturally the police officers mace his face until he does what he’s told.

As for the funniest part of this clip, we’re still trying to figure that out. Is it the random fan cheering on the cops and yelling “YouTube, baby!” around the 0:14 mark? Or could it be the dude in the gray sweater just trying to get his damn nachos and watch the remainder of the game?

Check it out:

If you feel bad for the pepper sprayed fan, don’t. Having his eyes burn was probably better than having to watch the rest of that poor excuse for a football game, which featured more turnovers than touchdowns (3 to 2).