Check Out This Crazy Hockey Collision Between a Player and a Goalie (Video)

hockey full front flip

Minor hockey goaltender Jake Theut is one fearless dude.

During a recent game, the Michigan native, who plays for the St. Mary’s Lincolns in Canada’s Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League, initiated a risky maneuver that flipped Josh Kerstner of the Sarnia Legionnaires head-over-heels.

Following a blocked shot, Kerstner found himself skating full speed on a breakaway towards the St. Mary’s goal, expecting to go one-on-one against Theut. What he did not expect to encounter was Theut leaving his net to slide tackle him, soccer-style. As a result, Kerstner got some mad air and performed a full front-flip before falling on the ice.

Watch the video:

Amazingly, Kerstner wasn’t injured on the play, but his Legionnaires would go on to lose the game to Theut’s St. Mary’s squad by a score of 7-3.

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