RC Car Glides On Water (Video)

Kids have it all nowadays.

When I was younger, I asked my parents for a remote-controlled car for Christmas. The weeks leading up to the Holidays, I made sure I was good. I offered to do extra chores around the house. I would get my pops a beer from the fridge when he was sitting in his lazy boy watching the game. I really wanted that damn toy.

My plan worked. My parents bought me the R/C car and I loved it. I played with it just about every waking moment until it broke… two weeks later. Sadly, my car was a poorly made piece of crap.

Nowadays, not only are these cars made to last, but they also seem to do the unthinkable. Take the remote controlled car in the video below, for example. That toy is so damn fast that it can actually glide across water, something many of us though only boats and Jesus could do.

Check it:

Hat Tip – [Bob’s Blitz]

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