Duke’s Will Monday Kicked an Unbelievable 79 Yard Punt at the Belk Bowl (Video)

will monday punt

Did you see that ridiculous 79-yard punt by Duke’s Will Monday during the Belk Bowl against Cincinnati yesterday?

I’m going to go ahead and take a not-so-wild guess and say that no, you probably didn’t watch the game. I’m also going to go ahead and assume that you don’t know what a “Belk” is. It’s apparently some kind of online retailer that sells stuff at a discount.

Anyway, back to what matters. During the second quarter of what turned out to be a pretty exciting game, and with Duke pinned at their own 19-yard line, the Freshman punter booted a punt that traveled along the right sideline. But instead of going out-of-bounds, the ball just kept bouncing, hugging the line and staying in bounds before eventually coming to a halt at the 2-yard line, where it was downed.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, much like Darren Collison’s circus shot at the buzzer, this great play from Monday would also go to waste, as Duke eventually fell to Cincinnati by a score of 48-34.

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