Fan Blows Tony Romo Jersey to Smithereens (Video)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is probably the most hated man in the Dallas-Fort Worth area right now. After being nearly perfect throughout the second half of the 2012 NFL season, Romo pooped the bed in a critical “win and you’re in” Week 17 game against the Cowboys’ hated division rivals from Washington. Predictably, Romo went on to throw multiple interceptions, the last of which pretty much gift wrapped the NFC East division for the Redskins, who went on to win the game and the division—something the team hasn’t done since 1999.

Unsurprisingly, fans of the blue and silver have taken out their frustrations of having witnessed yet another futile season by blasting Romo. The guy in the video below does it very literally, or at least as literally as he can without actually hurting Tony Romo and getting himself arrested. Watch as the dude explodes his Tony Romo jersey into smithereens.

Check it out:

In Tony Romo’s defense, and as a lifelong Cowboys fans, he’s still the best quarterback the team has had since Troy Aikman.  After all, remember Quincy Carter?

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