Female Fans Slap, Pour Beer On Each Other During Jazz-Clippers Game (Video)

There was some off-the-court action during last Friday’s Utah Jazz-Los Angeles Clippers game that we feel as though we should tell you about.

At some point during the game, a set of fans got involved in a tussle over who-knows-what. The confrontation appeared to be resolved when the Utah Jazz fans– sitting in the seats below– started walking away. But the woman would not let things go, choosing instead to b*tch-slap the crap out of the unsuspecting blonde Clippers fan.

Things obviously escalated from there. The slapped woman emptied out her beer on the aggressor, and the black haired lady’s dude came back to defend her honor. At one point, even a little kid tried to stop the fight.

Watch the video below:

Truthfully, we’re a little surprised that a fight would break out in Utah in the first place, or that one of the women would have beer. Isn’t the state notoriously against the consumption of alcohol because of that whole Mormon thing?

And in case you were wondering, the Clippers, who were a perfect 16-0 in December, would go on to win the away game, 116-114.

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