Raptors’ Amir Johnson Gets Away With a Blatant Double-Dribble (Video)

amir johnson double-dribble

After beginning the season by losing 19 of their first 23 games, the Toronto Raptors have turned things around in a big way, winning eight of their last nine games.  That impressive run has helped them close in on a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference (they sit just 2.5 games back of the Celtics and 76ers for eighth place), and suddenly it appears as though nothing can go wrong for the lone NBA team that resides north of the border.

Take last night’s 102-79 blowout victory against the Portland Trail Blazers, for example.  With the game’s outcome still very much in the air during the opening quarter, Raports forward Amir Johnson was given one of the more favorable calls–or should we say, non-calls–you will see all season in the NBA when his blatant double-dribble went unnoticed by the officials.

Check it out:

And I thought only the Miami Heat got those types of favorable decisions from NBA officials.  Guess I was wrong.

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