LeBron James’ Errant Pass Hits Cameraman in the Face (Video)

After winning the NBA championship last season, LeBron James can do no wrong in Miami. In fact, he can hurt spectators and not only will he get away with it, but they’ll even give him props afterwards.

That’s what happened during last night’s home game against the struggling Dallas Mavericks. Early in the fourth quarter, a LeBron James pass, which was intended for Dwayne Wade, ended up hitting a court-side cameraman in the face. The ref blew his whistle, and BronBron, being the caring soul that he apparently now is, walked over to the injured spectator and made sure he was okay.

Check it out:

The cameraman was fine, the action would resumed, and in the end it was the Heat handily beating the Mavs 119-109 in overtime.