9 NFL Playoff Predictions

Just as the snow stops being magic and becomes a consistent menace from a cruel sky, just as the Salvation Army guy asking for charity at the mall door becomes the angry dude in a Volvo giving the finger in the mall parking lot, just as great food becomes stubborn waist-line, just as it would seem all glow of the holidays and all hope were lost… get out the buffalo wings, burrow deep into the sweat pants, chill the Coors — it’s the NFL playoffs. The only gift that keeps on giving after all returns are done and gift cards are spent recklessly the next month will provide NFL fans with the usual though always exciting intrigue and grit that can only be the playoffs of America’s true past time. Legends will be made and shattered, hopes will be dashed and affirmed, and all America will indent the edge of their easy chairs and run up the tab at the local bar in anticipation. What follows is a guide to what’s sure to come, to try and soften the shock of the NFL post season and avoid that almost undoubted coronary…

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