Drunk Florida Fan Gets Knocked Out After Allstate Sugar Bowl (Video)

This Florida fan can’t seem to catch a break.

On Wednesday night, he painfully watched his Gators get dominated by the supposedly inferior Louisville Cardinals in the 2013 Allstate Sugar Bowl. Later that evening– we imagine– he was drunk and angry and looking to fight anyone who stepped up to him. And he did succeeded in getting someone to fight him. Unfortunately, that someone was bigger and more sober.

Watch as what appears to be a Louisville fan– he’s wearing red– knocks the obnoxious Florida fan down on his ass with one punch.

From the looks of it, the Louisville fan might also be a bouncer, given his physicality and how close he is standing to the door.

Regardless, this is perfect proof that when your team loses, it’s better to just sit there and take it like a man, instead of picking a fight. Otherwise, not only are you still rooting for a losing team, but you’ll also be a damn fool who got his ass whooped.

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