Fiesta Bowl Delivers Rarest Play In NCAA Football: The One-Point Safety (Video)

one point safety

Along with some of the most exciting plays in college football, the Oregon Ducks also provided viewers of last night’s Fiesta Bowl with the rarest play in NCAA football–the one-point safety.

It occurred in the third quarter following Oregon’s final touchdown of the game.  After blocking Alejandro Maldonado’s extra point attempt, Kansas State’s Ryan Mueller recovered the football and carried it back into his own end zone.  He then fumbled it away, and it was recovered by Chris Harper of the Wildcats.  And in college football, when a defending player takes possession of the ball outside their end zone during a PAT or two-point conversion attempt, then takes it back into their own end zone and gets tackled, the result of the play is a one-point safety.

Need a visual representation to help you understand how it works?  Here it is:

There you have it. The hardest and most unlikely way to score a point after a touchdown in the game of football.

I hope you enjoyed that, because you may not see something like that again in your lifetime.

And in case you were wondering, the only other known one-point safety in NCAA history took place on November 26, 2004 during a game between Texas and Texas A&M, according to Quirky Research.

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