Rex Ryan’s Tattoo Of His Wife Wearing a Mark Sanchez Jersey Explains A Lot (Photo)

If you thought foot fetish videos was as weird as it got when it came to Rex Ryan’s marriage, think again.

While on vacation in Bahamas–in an attempt to escape the New York media, which was clearly a failed attempt–a shirtless, suntanning Rex Ryan was photographed by a New York Daily News photographer.  And the image certainly seems to explain why the Jets’ head coach was so reluctant to bench his struggling starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez.

Check it out:

Rex Ryan tattoo wife mark sanchez jersey

Yeah, that would be a tattoo of Ryan’s wife, Michelle, donning a No. 6 Mark Sanchez jersey.

I guess this creepy love affair means Tim Tebow and Greg McIlroy don’t stand much of a chance in New York as long as Ryan is running the show.

Hat Tip – [New York Daily News]

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