Was Colorado’s Sabatino Chen Robbed Of A Game-Winning Three Against Arizona? (Video)

Talk about getting robbed…maybe.

Last night Colorado was on the verge of handing third-ranked Arizona their first loss of the season when the Buffaloes’ Sabatino Chen made an improbable buzzer-beating three-point shot to give his team the 83-80 victory… Or, at least, that’s what they and everyone watching the game had thought.  Only problem is that the officials claimed the ball wasn’t out of Chen’s hands in time, so they went to the monitor to review it.  Moments later, the call stood, the basket was disallowed and the game went to overtime where, surprise surprise, the Wildcats destroyed the deflated Buffaloes.

So, should Chen’s three-pointer at the end of regulation have counted?  Watch the video below and you decide:

The folks over at ESPN U have a different angle that puts the shot into question. It’s really close:

Personally, I think that should have been a game winner.

Before you go on blaming the refs, however, we should probably point out that the PAC-12 officials made a lot of questionable calls that favored Colorado during the game.  And on top of that, the Buffaloes did allow the Wildcats to score 10 points during the final 90 seconds of the game, so some could argue that Colorado put themselves in that situation.

Still, watching a game-winning buzzer beater is one of the purest joys a sports fan can have, and the refs certainly robbed us, and the Buffaloes, of that on this occasion.

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