Ravens’ Ray Lewis Did His Dance Not Once, But Twice During Final Home Game (GIFs & Video)


There are a variety ways for a legendary athlete to officially leave the game that made him rich and famous. The first, of course, is the Brett Favre method, in which a guy stays on way too long and ends up tarnishing his reputation.  In some parts, this is also known as the Michael Jordan method.

Then there is the Chipper Jones method, in which a guy retires at the right time, but announces it way too soon. This results in a “farewell tour,” and everyone gets really sick of all the hoopla by the end of the season—so much so that we’re almost glad to see him go by the time it’s all done.

So what’s the ideal way for a superstar to go out?

Well, just see how Ravens legend Ray Lewis handled things. He didn’t equivocate for years like Favre, or stay well past his prime like Jordan, or make a season-long farewell tour out of it like Chipper. He just announced that he’d be retiring a week before his final home game. That gave fans plenty of time to say thanks and watch him do his thing one more time while also ensuring that ESPN doesn’t have time to ruin it with endless chatter.

Anyway, yesterday’s playoff game between the Ravens and Colts in Baltimore was Lewis’s last home game, and it was pretty memorable. Not only did he help lead his team to victory and a date with Denver this weekend, but he also got a hero’s send-off and a chance to do his famous celebration dance one more time…

…Well, actually, two more times. Lewis did his dance at the beginning of the game, and at the end of it.

Here’s the first “performance”:

ray lewis celebration dance 1

And here’s the second:

ray lewis celebration dance 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to miss this. Thanks for the memories, Ray.

And in case you wanted some audio to go along with Lewis’ final introduction at home, here it is:

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