Female News Reporter Gets Bulldozed By Crazy Minnesota Vikings Fan on Live TV (Video)

minnesota reporter gets tackled by some guy on live TV

So apparently Minnesotans were pretty pumped up for their Wild Card playoff game against division rival Green Bay this past weekend.

We already told you today about the crazy fan who filmed himself smashing a coffee table (supposedly in response to the Vikings’ loss) and uploaded the video to YouTube. Now we have a video that features a Twin Cities news reporter getting run over by an overexcited Vikings fan—on live television.

The unlucky reporter was Lee Valsik of KARE 11 Minneapolis-St. Paul. On Saturday, hours before the big game against the Packers, Valsik was doing a puff piece live from a local restaurant, when a little football-related stunt went very wrong. She handed the guy she was talking to a football, and he threw it to another guy who was hiding behind a tree for some reason. Then that guy ran toward Valsik and steamrolled her from behind, knocking her into a table and onto the floor.

Amazingly, Valsik wasn’t hurt, and she even seemed to be a good sport about it.

Take a look:

I’m not sure what was supposed to happen here; however, I am pretty sure the idea wasn’t for some big Minnesota dude to flatten a middled-aged woman.

But hey, that’s live television for you.

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