Russians Taunt Team Canada After Winning Bronze at the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships (Video)

russian players taunt team canada at world juniors

The 2013 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships didn’t go so well for Team Canada.

With the NHL locked out for the duration of the tournament, all eyes in the hockey-loving Great White North—or most of them, anyway—were focused on the annual World Juniors in Ufa, Russia. So the team that won gold at the tournament five times in a row from 2005 to 2009 had a golden chance to become Canadian heroes by recapturing their former glory.

But things didn’t go the way Team Canada had hoped. First they got pummelled in the semifinals by the USA, of all countries.

Then, in the Bronze Medal Game. they lost again. And this time the defeat came at the hands of Team Russia, the team that staged an epic comeback against Canada in the finals two years ago, overcoming a 0-3 deficit with 5 unanswered third period goals.

Of course, the 2013 loss in the Bronze Medal Game wasn’t as embarrassing, given that it didn’t involve Team Canada choking on the puck. However, it was more deflating, since Russia won 6-5 in overtime.

Then the home team added insult to Maple Leaf injury by taunting the Canucks as they skated out onto the ice to celebrate their bronze medal victory.

Take a look:

Ouch. That had to sting.

Luckily, the NHL finally ended their lockout the morning after this indignity, otherwise this Russian insults would have left a pretty bitter taste in the mouths of Canadian hockey fans for at least the rest of the winter.

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