Carmelo Anthony Was Pissed and Waiting for Kevin Garnett by the Celtics Team Bus After Last Night’s Game (Video)


In general, I’m a little sick of hearing about the Boston-New York sports rivalry, mostly because this rivalry often exists almost entirely in the heads of the fans of those cities, and I live in neither Boston nor New York.

However, last night during the Knicks-Celtics game at Madison Square Garden, the Boston-New York rivalry got pretty real. And I’m all for that.

You see, toward the end of an already intense game, Kevin Garnett and Carmello Anthony had a little confrontation during the 4th quarter that led to each player being called for a technical foul. And apparently, some words were exchanged during that confrontation that really did not sit well with Anthony. So after the final buzzer sounded in the Celtics’ 102-96 victory, he rushed off the court—and down the wrong tunnel.

Yep, that’s right. Carmelo wasn’t going to just leave it be. He went to confront KG in the bowels of the arena. Then, after having to be separated by security and police officers there, Carmelo was again seen waiting for KG by the Celtics’ team bus.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, nobody is saying much about what went down with these two, and that includes the coaches, teammates, and the two players themselves. Anthony didn’t make himself available to the press after the game, and KG just said, “Listen, heat of the battle, man.”

But obviously Garnett said something that set Anthony off. And while the NBA will almost certainly take further action in disciplining Carmelo Anthony over this, it’s actually good for the game. After all, these two teams are scheduled to mean again on January 24th in Boston for a nationally televised game.

Hopefully neither Doc Rivers nor Mike Woodson will pull a Gregg Popovich and decide to rest their biggest stars for that one.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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