Kobe Bryant Tweets Picture of Mock Fight With Dwight Howard (Photo)

kobe dwight howard lakers

Yesterday, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News cited “a league source” who claimed that Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard nearly came to blows after yet another frustrating Lakers loss on New Year’s Day. Howard, the story goes, has been unhappy with Bryant since early in the season, and Bryant supposedly insinuated that Howard was “soft” after the game.

Of course, sports news sites and blogs ate this story up. Is Kobe going to run another superstar out of Los Angeles? Is the Lakers superteam about to completely implode? Are Kobe and Shaq actually in agreement about something?

Well, whether or not the New Year’s Day fight between Kobe and Dwight was as serious as reported, one thing’s for certain—the Lakers are trying to put their own spin on the situation.

Case in point: this tongue in cheek photo tweeted by Kobe yesterday afternoon:

kobe bryant dwight howard fight

In case you couldn’t tell, that’s Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni lying on the trainer’s table between Bryant and Howard. The caption read, “The mamba vs d12 !! It’s on lol,” and obviously the takeaway message here is, “hey, it’s all good!”

So what do you think? Is this photo legit proof that the Bryant-Howard “feud” is overblown? Or is it just social-media-savvy damage control?

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