Check Out this Vicious Two-Handed Slash from a British Ice Hockey Game (Video)

vicious two-handed hockey slash

The NHL may have a monopoly on the best hockey players in the world, but they certainly don’t have a monopoly on violence. Every league has it’s goons, apparently. Even Great Britain’s Elite Ice Hockey League.

During a game between the Sheffield Steelers and the Nottingham Panthers back on December 27, after the Steelers had scored the first of their many goals against the Panthers, Nottingham’s Kelsey Wilson decided to take all of his frustration out on Sheffield’s Simon Ferguson as he was skating back to his bench.

What did he do? He gave him a nice two-handed chop to the stomach. And I’m thinking it probably stung pretty good.

See for yourself:

How on earth did this not turn into an all-out melee?

In any case, the Elite Ice Hockey League ended up giving Wilson a three-game suspension for this brutal attack. However, I’m not sure that was adequate. As the commentator in the video points out, it’s not like he slashed Ferguson in the shins, or some other well-protected area. He got him square on a soft spot, which demonstrates an intention to inflict injury.

Oh, and if you happened to be wondering, yes, both of these guys are Canadian exports. Wilson is from Ontario and has spent some time in the Predators and Maple Leafs organizations, while Ferguson is from British Columbia and had previously bounced around the minor leagues.

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