Kenyan Runner Attacked by Spectator, Still Wins the Race (Video)

kenyan runner attacked by fan

Everyone knows that Kenyans dominate the running world. I mean, a Kenyan man has won 20 of the last 25 Boston Marathons. And the women have won 9 of the last 13.

So yeah, for whatever reason, Kenyans are simply the best distance runners in the world.

But if you really want to know just how unstoppable Kenyans are, you don’t need to know any stats. You just need to watch the following video.

Over the weekend in Brazil, during the 10K King’s Run, a Kenyan runner named Edwin Kipsang Rotich was attacked by a spectator out of the blue and almost run over by the motorcade. But was he injured? Nope. It barely even slowed the guy down, as Ritich went on to win the race.

As for the unruly spectator, police said “He has a history of performing acts like these in the past. He’s someone with [psychiatric] problems.”

Anyway, here’s the video of the startling scene. Have a look:

That’s pretty amazing. Ritich is a stud, is he not?

He should bulk up a bit and try out for the NFL. There are a lot of teams who could use a running back who can dodge a tackle like that.

Hat Tip – [BBC]

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