Ilya Bryzgalov Provides an Entertaining Post-Lockout Interview (Video)

bryzgalov press conference

There are a lot of questions surrounding Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov heading into this lockout-shortened season. However, there’s no doubt that he is still one of the most entertaining players in the National Hockey League.

The Flyers, you will recall, ditched Mike Richards and Jeff Carter after the 2011 playoffs and brought in Bryzgalov for 9 years and $51 million in hopes that his netminding would put them over the top.

So what happened in 2012? Richards and Carter won the Stanley Cup with the Los Angeles Kings, and Bryzgalov…um, well, he sucked. At one point last season he allowed 9 goals on just 25 shots to a team that didn’t even make the playoffs (the Jets), and of course, he also gave up a soft goal against the Devils in the playoffs that ended the Flyers’ season.

However, despite the fears that Bryzgalov might be an albatross hanging around the neck of the entire Flyers organization—unless they use one of their “amnesty buyouts” afforded by the new CBA to dump his contract—the guy still has a way with words. And that’s remarkable given the fact that English isn’t even his first language.

Anyway, yesterday Bryzgalov practiced with the Flyers for the first time this year, and afterward reporters crowded around his locker to hear his thoughts on…well, whatever he wanted. As it happens, he talked about how he heard the lockout was over.

You can check out his comments in the video below. It also features a little mashup of Bryzgalov’s greatest hits.

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