San Diego State’s Jamaal Franklin Throws Down an Insane Self-Ally-Oop Dunk (Video)

jamal franklin san diego state self dunk backboard

The San Diego State men’s basketball team got off to a fantastic 12-2 start this year, with their only losses coming against #7 Syracuse and #4 Arizona. That’s why the Aztecs found themselves ranked 16th in the nation heading into their conference opener against Fresno State on Wednesday night.

So how did that game go?

Well, it was a lot closer than the Aztecs would have hoped, but they hung on for a 65-62 victory, thanks in large part to the performance of Jamaal Franklin. The junior guard from Hawthorne, California, didn’t just score a game-high 20 points. He also snagged an insane 18 rebounds, dished 5 assists, and blocked 3 shots.

Oh, and he also gave us a highlight reel dunk—a self ally oop off the backboard on a fast break—that might be the dunk of the year in college ball.

Check it out:

Not too shabby, huh? If Franklin keeps this up, San Diego State is going to be a pretty dangerous team come March.

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