NBA Ref Caught on Camera Asking Coaches to Help Him Stall for TV Commercials (Video)

nba ref timeout fail

Well, the NBA referees didn’t like all the attention the NFL replacement referees got this year. They didn’t like it one bit. So they are doing their best to show the world that they can be crazy and incompetent, too!

First there was the bizarre foul dance performed by referee Joey Crawford during a game between the Lakers and Pacers back on November 27. Then there was the guy who used his foot to keep the ball in bounds for the Miami Heat, which led to an easy layup for LeBron James. And of course, who could forget the surreal actions of referee Courtney Kirkland, who actually blocked a free throw attempt by Kris Humphries in Toronto last month.

So what NBA refereeing gem do we have for you today? How about a ref explaining to coaches on the sideline that he needs help stalling for time during a timeout, only to have the whole conversation picked up by a live mic?

Yep, that happened last night during the Lakers-Spurs game in San Antonio. Los Angeles coach Mike D’Antoni called a full timeout, then changed his mind and asked for a 20-second timeout. The problem was, he didn’t have a 20-second timeout left.  He’d already used it up, so the ESPN TV feed started running commercials for a full timeout, necessitating some stalling tactics so the teams didn’t get to strategize illegally…

…Or so referee Bill Kennedy thought.

In actuality, the ESPN crew caught the request for only a 20-second timeout just in time, so they did not cut away to commercials. Thus, Kennedy’s attempt to stall was completely unnecessary, and in fact, was caught on ESPN’s cameras and broadcast to the world, making Kennedy look like a jackass.

Take a look:

Um, woops.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]

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