Dude With No Arms Plays Table Tennis With His Mouth And Feet (Video)

no arms ping pong

There aren’t many sports you can play without the use of your arms.  And you’d think table tennis would be one of them, seeing as how most players tend to use their arms and hands to hold the paddle and strike the ball.  However, as the following video is about to prove, with the proper amount of dedication and practice, even those without arms can become talented ping pong players.

The video we speak of features a man with no arms–who we haven’t been able to identify–playing table tennis against a man with two arms, and he actually manages to win the point!  How does he do it, you ask?  To start, he uses his foot to flick the ball up to his paddle, which is being held by his mouth.  And thanks to a powerful jaw and some pretty impressive core strength, he’s actually able to string together several high-quality shots, before eventually forcing his opponent to screw up.

Check it out:

Now we just have to find out who this mouth-paddling marvel is!

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