Steve Nash Uses Towel to Dry His Pits, then Metta World Peace Uses Same Towel to Dry His Face (Video)

metta world peace uses dirty towel

You know, “going green” is great. Whenever I stay at a hotel, I totally use those little cards that you put on the bed that tell the housekeeping staff that you’ll gladly re-use your sheets and towels to save water and energy. And of course, I recycle and drive a fuel-efficient car.

But you know, you have to draw the line somewhere, and for me that line is on the other side of using somebody else’s sweaty towel at the gym. Yeah, maybe it would cut down on my carbon footprint to use some other dude’s sweat rag, but in this one case, the Earth is just going to have to suck it up.

Metta World Peace apparently feels differently. On Tuesday night in Houston, the Los Angeles Lakers forward formerly known as Ron Artest was in need of a towel to wipe off his face after a time out. But he didn’t just grab a fresh one from one of the equipment guys. No, MWP just waited for Steve Nash to finish wiping all the sweat off his body—including his arm pits—and used his towel…On his face!

Check it out:

Now that’s what I call a commitment to being green.

I also call is disgusting.

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