Check Out These Dancing Gonzaga Fans (GIF)

dancing gonzaga fan

What is it about a live sporting event that makes people want to dance? Have you ever wondered that?

Is the energy and excitement of the crowd just so intoxicating that you have to shake your hips and flail your arms? Is there perhaps a deep abiding desire to maybe get on television? Is it all in the beer?

Who knows. All I know is that sports fans are prone to sudden and uncontrollable dance breaks, and often it’s quite funny. (Remember this guy? Or how about this guy?)

Today’s dancing sports fan comes to us from Gonzaga. During a timeout in last night’s game against St. Mary’s at the McCarthey Athletic Center in Spokane, some fans of the #9-ranked Bulldogs really put on a nice little show for ESPN’s cameras.

Take a look:

dancing gonzaga fan

Obviously, the star here is the guy in the white shorts doing the double-gunslinger. At first I thought he must be a janitor because he’s got all his keys on his belt. But then I realized, no, just a student.  And let’s not forget about the dude just behind and to the right of him.  He’s pretty awesome too, what with his pajama pants and fist-pumping.

In any case, thanks for the laugh, guys. Keep up the good work.

Hat Tip – [Gifulmination]

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