This Hockey Fight From the AHL Was Worth the Price of Admission (Video)

epic hockey fight

Hockey fans all over the world are certainly grateful that by this time next week the NHL will be back in action. However, the absence of the NHL over the last four months hasn’t deprived us of noteworthy hockey highlights. After all, many NHLers were keeping sharp by playing over in Europe (sometimes in the last places you’d expect).

However, while there were a few highlight reel goals still being scored, without a doubt the best hockey highlights during the NHL lockout were the fights and brawls. After all, while the NHL may have a monopoly on the most talented players in the world, they do not have a monopoly on the biggest goons in the world. In fact, here in North America, the best place to see a couple of heavyweights duke it out on the ice is probably the AHL. Why? Because that’s where many NHL teams keep their goons until they are needed.

Anyway, I say all this because today we’ve got a doozy of a hockey fight for you. It’s between Joel Rechlicz of the Portland Pirates and Frazer McLaren of the Worcester Sharks. Combined, these two guys have just 65 NHL games under their belts; however, in the minors they’ve both racked up penalty minutes at an impressive clip.

The two squared off last Tuesday (the video title is wrong—these teams did not play on January 10), and as the TV announcer says, the fight was definitely worth the price of admission.

Have a look:

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