Pats’ Brandon Spikes Brings Us This Interesting Fumble Dance (GIF)

brandon spikes fumble dance

The Patriots and their fans had plenty of reasons to dance last night during their 41-28 thumping of the Houston Texans.  It appeared as though one of those reasons had taken place less than five minutes into the third quarter, as a reception by Texans’ tight end Owen Daniels one yard behind the line of scrimmage quickly turned into a fumble once he was swarmed by the Patriots’ defense.  And that fumble was recovered by New England, causing many of the Pats players and fans in attendance at Gillette Stadium to start shaking their groove thing.

Among those doing their happy-dance was Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, who introduced America to the following fumble dance.

Unfortunately, the officials later determined that Daniels’ forward progress had been stopped.  That gave the Texans the ball back, and it also prevented the Patriots from challenging the call, as forward progress cannot be reviewed.

So, yeah, Spikes’ fumble dance was all for not, but that hasn’t made it any less enjoyable to watch, over and over again.

Hat Tip – [Gifulmination]

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