This Is the Most Incredible Half Court Shot of All Time (Video)

half court shot stuck between rim and backboard

I’ve watched a good amount of basketball in my day, and I’ve seen a lot of weird things. In fact, just this year I’ve seen a ball come to rest on the rim up against the backboard, a shot made off the top of the backboard, a shot made over the backboard, an epically terrible free throw, and probably the worst half-court shot in the history of basketball.

However, what you’re about to see in this video takes the cake. I don’t think I’ve seen a basketball ever do anything quite like this.

It comes to us from the Hawks’ game against the Jazz this past Friday at Phillips Arena in Atlanta. During Atlanta’s “Money Shot” halftime contest, a fan named Kevin was given a chance to win $1,000 by sinking just one shot from half court. So he took the ball and hurled it toward the basket.

The result? Only one of the most insane, physics-defying things you’ll ever see. Check it out:

I’m not a mathematician, so I have no idea how to calculate the probability of something like that happening. But I’d imagine the odds are astronomical. The ball has to travel at just the right velocity at just the right trajectory with just the right spin and just the right amount of air at just the right temperature at…well, you get the idea. There are a lot of variables. So I just can’t imagine seeing something like this ever happening again.

Of course, the big question is, did he really get the thousand bucks? I mean, the PA announcer said he did. But, you know, his foot was over the line…

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