Ray Lewis Gave an Entertaining Post-Game Interview After Beating the Broncos on Saturday (Video)

ray lewis huggin peyton manning slapping helmet

Last weekend, 17-year-NFL veteran and future Pro Football Hall of Famer Ray Lewis played the last home game of his storied career, performing his famous celebration dance for the fans of Baltimore one last time. It was a nice story for anyone who likes Lewis, or for anyone who can at least appreciate his on-field accomplishments. However, most people outside Baltimore figured that this weekend’s game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos would be the end of the road.

But it wasn’t. The Ravens matched the Broncos score for score, then beat them in overtime to advance to the AFC Championship Game for the second consecutive year. And after the game, an ecstatic, shocked, and grateful Lewis gave a pretty entertaining interview down on the field. It starts off with a bible quote (Isaiah 54:17), then gets interrupted so Lewis can give Peyton Manning a hug, and finally concludes with Lewis shaking his head and saying, “ah, man…”

Like I said, it’s entertaining. Have a look:

How about that slap on the helmet he gave Manning, huh? I was a little worried for a second that Peyton’s vertebrae might come un-fused.

Anyway, no matter what you think about Lewis, you have to appreciate the love he still has for the game. After all these years, an exciting victory still puts the guy on cloud nine.

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