The Rock Revived His “Rock Concert” Gimmick on Monday Night Raw (Video)

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Remember when The Rock switched his name to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson—and then to just Dwayne Johnson—in an effort to leave behind his WWE past and make himself a legit Hollywood movie star? Well, I guess his movie career wasn’t going quite as well as he’d hoped, because now Dwayne is just “The Rock” again, having made a return to the WWE in a big way. Back in April, he headlined WrestleMania XXVIII along with John Cena (and won), and soon he’ll take on CM Punk for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Anyway, ahead of this big matchup, the Rock stopped by the special 20th Anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw to revive an old Rock tradition: “The Rock Concert.”

For those who aren’t familiar with The Rock’s antics in the ring, one of the things he used to do was perform musical numbers mocking his opponent, or whatever city happened to be hosting Monday Night Raw that week. And this past Monday’s “Rock Concert” was a classic. It starts off with a couple of verses a cappella, oscillating between keys. The Rock then picks up a guitar. One assumes at first that he’s going to smash it between his giant 40-inch arms and 65-inch chest. But rather, the guy actually plays it and serenades WWE “personality” Vicky Guerrero.

Anyway, unlike most of his movies these days, the Rock’s musical performance was actually pretty entertaining.

Have a look for yourself. The music begins around the 1:20 mark for those of you who aren’t the patient types. And if nothing else, you have to at least watch from about the 6:40 mark, or so, for a wonderful take on an Eric Clapton classic.

“Abuse all your power / waste everybody’s time / You dress like a hooker / not the expensive kind.”

The Rock should be writing for Weird Al Yankovic.

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