Wrestler Bully Ray Getting Hitched to Brooke Hogan, Having Bachelor Party at Rick’s Cabaret NYC (Video)

bully ray ricks nyc

Well here’s a match made in pro wrestling heaven. Pro wrestler Bully Ray proposed to Brooke Hogan, daughter of the Hulk Hogan, live on Spike TV’s “TNA Impact Wrestling” last Thursday night. And despite daddy Hulkster’s unequivocal disapproval, Brooke said yes.

So now they’re getting married. On television. This Thursday night. And apparently, this Wednesday Bully Ray is having an extravagant bachelor party at Rick’s Cabaret New York.

Want to see the romantic proposal? Well good, because here it is:

Guys, I hope you took some notes.

Anyway, about that bachelor party at Rick’s. Supposedly Mr. Ray and his wrestling buddies have the entire second floor VIP lounge reserved this Wednesday night, as well as “the Deluxe Sky Box,” whatever that is. Over 75 Rick’s Cabaret Girls will provide the entertainment. And no, that’s not a typo: seventy-five!

The food offerings at the party? Well, we’re talking about pro wrestlers here, so there will be lots and lots of red meat.

So is BR excited for his last hurrah? You bet. According to a source, Mr. Ray said, “I’m looking forward to my bachelor party. Rick’s Cabaret has the hottest women.”

And the women are pumped, too. Rick’s Cabaret Girl Mandy says “We love all the pro athletes. It will be an awesome party with non-stop lap dances!”


But of course, the real question is this: after this wild stripper-filled bachelor party, will there actually be a wedding this Thursday (January 17 at 8pm EST on Spike TV—check your local listings)? If I were to place a bet, I’d go with no. Something tells me there will be some made-for-TV drama.

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