Bikini Beach Workout Fail (Video)

bikini model beach workout fail

An attractive bikini model filming a bikini beach workout video? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, actually, if you plan it right, just about anything.

The video you are about to watch (we had you at “bikini model,” didn’t we?) is called “Bikini Model Beach Workout Fail.”  In it, said bikini model gets down on the sand and starts demonstrating some leg lifts that are supposed to help tone your abs.  And, golly, wouldn’t you know it?  A wave suddenly comes along and gets her all wet.  And it almost results in a wardrobe malfunction (but not quite, making this video safe for work).

What were the odds?

I’m guessing about 100%. This seems totally staged in an attempt to get some YouTube views to me. And if so, nice job, folks. It worked!

See for yourself:

Like, OMG.

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