Jose Mourinho In Disbelief After Rare Choke by Cristiano Ronaldo Against Valencia (Video)

cristiano ronaldo choke

There are two kinds of soccer fans in the world: those who love Cristiano Ronaldo, and those who can’t stand him. I happen to fall into the latter category, but I have no problem with people who love him. The guy is one of the most gifted players of his generation, and if not for the greatness of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo would have a few more Ballon d’Or trophies in his collection.

Nevertheless, the guy is such an arrogant douche sometimes, and he never seems to stop diving and crying. So, as good as he is, it’s just so wonderful to watch him fail every once in a while. And if you share that sentiment, then you’re going to like the clip we have for you here.

You see, Real Madrid was taking on Valencia in Copa del Rey competition yesterday, and with Real already up 2-0 in the 80th minute, Ronaldo got a point-blank chance to put the game away for good…and he choked.

Take a look for yourself:

I love the look on Jose Mourinho’s face, too. The coach just cannot believe it.

Anyway, it’s not often you’ll see one of the most gifted strikers in the world miss a chance like that. But there it is. Savor it, Ronaldo haters.

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