Lance Armstrong’s Confession Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment (Video)

lance armstrong confession nma taiwanese animation

Over the last several years, pretty much every major event in the world of sports has been explained and analyzed in very helpful computer animation form by Next Media Animation. They’ve helped us understand the Penn State sex abuse scandal, the Roger Clemens steroids trial, Linsanity, and even the Boston Red Sox’s epic 2011 late-season collapse. So it should come as no surprise that they’ve also tackled this week’s blockbuster sports news: Lance Armstrong‘s confession that he did, in fact, use performance enhancing drugs.

Though Lance’s interview with Oprah won’t even air until tomorrow night, NMA has already given us a wonderful CFI re-enactment of the chat session. And, as usual, it’s pretty funny. It doesn’t just cover the Armstrong admission, but the issue of steroids in sports in general.

And I’m pretty sure the vid features cameos by A-Rod and Barry Bonds.

Take a look:

For a minute there, I thought the NMA folks really were going to sympathize with athletes who abuse PEDs. After all, subtitles don’t do a very good job of conveying sarcasm. But then it becomes pretty obvious that they are actually ripping on these superstar cheaters.

“They probably all have perfectly good excuses,” they say, “such as needing steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to make money to save sick children.”

That’s pretty good.  They almost had me there for a second.

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