Check Out the First Ever Known Photograph of a Guy Giving Somebody The Finger

first ever photo of guy giving finger

Everyone knows that sports is an important part of our cultural heritage and that, in some cases, it has helped shape the course of history. Jackie Robinson, for example, broke down the color barrier in baseball and helped prepare America for the ideas of integration and equality. Muhammad Ali took a stand against the Vietnam War and helped usher in the age of protest. And the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team beat an unbeatable foe and helped Americans believe in themselves again.

And those are just the American examples.

Well, today we’ve got another great historical contribution from the world of sports: the oldest known photograph of “the finger.”

Yep, that’s right. Though we don’t know exactly when people started extending their middle fingers to tell other people to go f–k off, we do know the first time this gesture was caught on film. It was 1886. The person giving the finger? Old Hoss Radbourn, a pitcher for the Boston Beaneaters, the team that later became the Braves. Apparently the Beaneaters were having a team photo taken when Hoss gave the finger to a member of the rival New York Giants and, presto, history was made.

Check out the photographs:

first ever photo of the finger 2

first ever photo of the finger 3

Amazing, isn’t it?

I’m surprised this wasn’t mentioned in James Earl Jones’s big speech about the importance of baseball at the end of Field of Dreams.

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