Check Out this Amazing Shootout Goal from the Red Wings’ Todd Bertuzzi (Video)

bertuzzi amazing shootout goal between the legs

Because of the prolonged NHL lockout, teams across the league have had to balance two very disparate goals this week: somehow get prepared for the upcoming season in just six days, while also winning over fans by putting on a show.

The first goal would be hard enough to accomplish without the second.

You see, many, if not all, NHL teams decided to open their six-day training camps to the fans this week, free of charge, as a way of begging for their forgiveness following the lockout.  The only thing is, training camps are kind of boring to watch. Other than coaches and the most ambitious fans, who wants to watch a bunch of guys do skating drills?

Thus, the teams have tried to spice things up a bit with gimmicks like scrimmages against minor league teams, or in the case of the Detroit Red Wings, shootouts.

How much will practice shootouts help the Wings prepare for the hockey season? Who knows. But the fans certainly loved it—especially when Todd Bertuzzi scored on a gorgeous behind-the-back shot á la his teammate, Pavel Datsyuk.

Take a look:

In case you didn’t believe Bertuzzi had amazingly soft hands for a big guy, there’s your proof.

Now, we’ll have to see if he can keep his legs going after playing four games in the first week.

Hat Tip – [HockeyWebCaster]

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