New Reality Show Lets Idiots Settle Disagreements in the Boxing Ring (Video)

brawl it out reality show

When I was a kid, if you had a beef with somebody, you went and told it to Judge Wapner at The People’s Court. But I guess the world today is a more aggressive and violent place. So now there’s a new reality show in which people solve their problems with each other in the boxing ring.

No really. It’s called “Brawl it Out.” Two so-called “regular people” with no boxing training step into the ring to solve whatever disagreement they have. The winner is chosen by a panel of three “celebrity” judges—I put quotation marks around that word because they use it fairly lightly—and that winner is then given some kind of reward.

So what kinds of disagreements are we talking about here? Well, in the clip you’re about to see, we have:

  • a guy who’s mad because some other guy knocked up his sister
  • a girl who says this other girl is jealous of her
  • two guys who just don’t like each other
  • a chick who’s trying to steal another girl’s husband

So it’s basically Jerry Springer in a boxing ring.

Take a look:

Looks like an enriching reality television program, doesn’t it? Of course, there’s no mention of where you might find this show on an actual television. There’s only a website. So I’m assuming this one is only going to be found on YouTube.

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