Dwight Howard Aired Out a Free Throw in the Clutch (Video)

dwight howard free throw air ball

In case you don’t follow the NBA too closely, the Los Angeles Lakers have been having a very tough year. Despite two major offseason acquisitions that brought in two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash and perennial All-Star Dwight Howard, the team just cannot seem to put a winning streak together. In fact, right now, their record of 17-22 is just downright lousy and has them missing the playoffs by 3½ games.

Well, with the season almost at the halfway point, I guess some of the Lakers are getting desperate and, therefore, willing to do anything to get their mojo back.

For example, Dwight Howard has apparently decided to try taking his free throws from further away than usual. I’m not sure why he thinks this will help. If anything, you’d think changing something that has been the same your entire life would just mess you up more, but…well, actually, that’s right. It would mess you up more. And this Dwight Howard free throw air ball is proof.

Check it out:

Um, Dwight, buddy, I don’t know what the cure for your slump is, but it’s not this. That was just embarrassing.

Of course, it does pretty much sum up the Lakers’ season, thus far.

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