Robert Carter Jr. Goes Down Hard After a Dunk (Video)

georgia tech basketball dunk celebration fail

Some people don’t mind a little showboating in sports. Other people can’t stand it. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that, if nothing else, showboating has a time and place.

For example, if your basketball team is playing a far superior opponent, in their gym, on national television, and you’ve just coughed up a one point halftime lead to go down by 14 only 5 minutes into the second half, you don’t showboat. Nothing good will come of it.

Unfortunately, Georgia Tech’s Robert Carter Jr. didn’t get that memo. So when his Yellow Jackets found themselves in such a situation last night against Duke at the Cameron Indoor Stadium on ESPN, he decided to hang on to the rim after a dunk for dramatic effect. Then karma had its way with him.

Take a look:

If Bob had just let go of the rim and sprinted back down the court, all would have been fine. But he held on and had a swing, then came down on top of Duke’s Marshall Plumlee and took a nasty fall.

Real smooth, guy. Are you related to JaVale McGee?

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