Drunk Ravens Fan (Unsuccessfully) Celebrates Victory by Running Across Tables at a Restaurant (Video)

drunk ravens fans runs across restaurant tables

There are lots of things that seem like good ideas when you’re drunk and, unfortunately, lots of them seem to have something to do with telephones and exes.

However, for sports fans, “seemed like a great idea at the time” drunk antics usually involve one of the following two categories of action: jumping over things or destroying things.

There are many examples of the “destroying things” category, but the Giants fan destroying a city bus after his team won the World Series last season certainly jumps to mind. And in the “jumping over things” category, we have things like the drunk Polish kid who tried to jump over a barrier at Euro 2012, or the drunk Saints fan who tried to do the same thing this past October in New Orleans’ French Quarter—both of which were ill-fated endeavors.

Anyway, the drunk antics we have for you today are also from the “jumping over things” category. And in this case, the “things” are tables at a restaurant.

The video you’re about to see was shot at a Baltimore-area restaurant and bar after the Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game on Sunday. The person who shot and uploaded it says this guy at the table next to his was going nuts and dancing after all the big plays that day, and so he decided to record whatever he would do at the end of the game. However, the uploader says he did not expect to see the man attempt to run across all the tables in the restaurant, knocking one over entirely and almost starting a brawl in the process.

Take a look:

Now, I’m not sure I buy the uploader’s “he wasn’t at my table” story. It sure looks and sounds like he was. But one thing is certain: that Ravens fan with the mullet was pretty pissed off that the drunken idiot knocked over his table, and whatever beer was left on it.

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