The Rock Takes a Jab at Manti Te’o During WWE Monday Night Raw (Video)

the rock wwe raw

Poor Manti Te’o. Even though it’s looking more and more like he really was just an innocent dupe, the mark in a vicious and elaborate con, the jokes go on.

First, of course, came the Te’oing phenomenon—which was bad enough when random strangers on the internet did it, but even worse when a professional sports franchise (the Dallas Stars) got in on the act. And now even The Rock is getting laughs and Te’o’s expense.

You see, for some reason—and I’m sure it was a good one—they wouldn’t let Mr. Rock into the arena last night on Monday Night Raw. Obviously, he wasn’t too happy about this, and when some security guards threatened to arrest him backstage, he went into a tirade about how there’s a lot of people that they should arrest before him.

So who was The Rock’s most wanted? CM Punk of course. According to The Rock, Mr. Punk should be arrested for “impersonating a champion.” Then he went on to explain that Mr. Punk is just like Manti Te’o, only instead of a fake girlfriend, he has fake…um, well, see for yourself:

Actually, I think even Manti Te’o might find that funny. It’s a pretty good rip.

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