Bruins Fan Catches Puck With His Beer (Video)

bruins fan catch puck beer

What is the best thing you can do with a cup of beer while attending a hockey game?

The number one answer would have to be “drink it,” but I’d say “catching a puck with it” is a close second.

Sure, snatching a puck out of the air with your beer may cause most of it to spill, thus preventing you from getting to drink any of it, but it will earn you a round of applause from the fans, as well as some valuable television face time.

That was exactly how things unfolded for one dude who was at the TD Garden to watch Monday’s MLK Day matinee match-up between the Winnipeg Jets and the Boston Bruins.

Check it out:

Nice catch dude, but the next time you’re going to pay an older man to buy beers for you because you’re under the legal drinking age, you might not want to make it so obvious.

Hat Tip – [HockeyWebCaster]

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