Referee Takes a Caron Butler Block to the Face (Video)

caron butler block hits ref in face

I’m sure there are times this season when NBA players have wanted to whack a referee upside the head with the basketball. After all, the refs have done some pretty bizarre stuff.

One guy used his foot to keep the ball inbounds for a Miami Heat player; another guy did a goofy dance just to call a foul; another blocked a player’s free throw attempt; and still, another one got caught stalling for a commercial by an ESPN microphone.

So, yeah, I’m sure players have wanted to slam a ball in a ref’s face at one point or another this year. Lord knows at least one (the Raptors’ Amir Johnson) wanted to throw his mouthguard at a ref—and he did. But I doubt the Clippers’ Caron Butler had any intention of hitting a referee in the face on a blocked shot last night during a game against the Thunder in Los Angeles.

Nevertheless, that’s what happened. Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka went up for a shot, Butler blocked it emphatically, and the ball hit the referee right in the kisser.

Check it out:

You gotta hand it to the ref, though. Even after getting smacked in the face, he still makes the call.

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