Check Out Mercedes’ New Super Bowl Commercial…Starring Kate Upton (Video)

kate upton sexy mercedes commercial

If you worked for an advertising agency and your boss walked in and told you that Mercedes-Benz just spent $4 million on a commercial spot during the Super Bowl, and now they only have $2 million left to produce the ad, what would you do?

Well, if you’re the guy who actually came up with Mercedes-Benz’s Super Bowl commercial, you spend $1.9 million to hire Kate Upton and the rest on a couple of nobody actors, a bucket, and some dish soap. Then, you film a commercial in which Kate Upton washes a Mercedez all sexy-like…in slow motion.

The result, of course, is a viral video sensation and, obviously, a big promotion.

Anyway, here is the video I just described. Though I will warn you, it’s a bit of a tease—you don’t actually get to see Kate wash the car here. Instead they pull a and tell you to go to their Facebook page to see more.

But hey, Kate Upton is still in it. So it’s worth a look anyway:

Who would’ve thought Mercedes would go so low-brow with their Super Bowl commercial?

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