Here’s NMA’s Take on Super Bowl XLVII, A.K.A. the HarBowl (Video)

nma world animation covers harbaugh bowl

Well, the Super Bowl is coming up in just 10 days, so it’s time to place your bets. And not on the outcome of the game. Who cares about that? No, it’s time to place your bets on how many news articles will be written about the fact that two brothers are squaring off as head coaches in the big game.

I’m giving 1-100 odds that we’re all going to be sick to death of the Harbaughs by the time this thing is done.

However, despite the HarBowl overkill already in progress, one “news source” that I’ll never ignore is Next Media Animation. They’ve tackled the upcoming event in their latest CGI feature, and as always, they manage to cover all the bases.

After reminding us that the coaches of the Ravens and 49ers are, in fact, brothers, they go on to explain how each team arrived at the Super Bowl (this part features an old prospector killing a raven-headed football player with a pick axe) before wondering whether anyone really wants to see the city of San Francisco win its second consecutive sports championship (reminding us what happened the last time).

Take a look:

Poignant and funny, as always.