Referee Slide Tackles Zenit Player During Soccer Friendly (Video)

referee tackle zenit player

Most people in the sporting world will tell you that the best referees are the ones that you barely notice, but you have to believe that even some of the best officials out there would love to get in on the action from time to time.  Especially when you consider the fact that many of them probably only started officiating after they realized that they didn’t have the proper skill set to actually play their respective sport at a high level.

I’m assuming that pretty much sums up this referee’s story, but rather than resist the temptation to get in on the act, like most referees tend to do, he decided to slide feet first into the action during a friendly soccer match between Zenit and Shakhtar Donetsk, literally.

Check it out:

The victim in this instance was Zenit’s Viktor Fayzulin, and he’s probably still wondering why the referee didn’t show himself a yellow card on the play.

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