Last Night We Saw Another Epic Hockey Fight Between Colton Orr and Deryk Engelland (Video)

colton orr vs. deryk engelland hockey fight january 23 2013

You know that old joke that goes, “I went to a boxing match and a hockey game broke out”?  Well, it’s obviously making fun of (or perhaps taking pride in) the tendency for hockey players to settle their differences with fisticuffs. However, it’s actually a little more true than casual observers realize.

You see, hockey’s toughest enforcers look out for each other. They arrange fights, and they care who wins because there is an unofficial pecking order. Thus, just like actual boxers, hockey goons engage in planned rematches, giving guys multiple chances to establish supremacy.

Such is the case with Toronto’s Colton Orr and Pittsburgh’s Deryk Engelland. The two have had a goon rivalry that dates back to when they were both playing for junior teams in the Western Hockey League. They squared off for the first time in the WHL in 2000, and then again in 2003. Then they both went to the AHL, so they brought their rivalry to the minor leagues, squaring off for a third time later on in 2003.

Finally, in 2010 they brought their rivalry to the NHL—and not just once, but twice. The first was an epic battle on October 13, 2010. That was a clear, overwhelming victory for Engelland. The rematch came just two months later, and Engelland won again.

Well, last night the Maple Leafs travelled to Pittsburgh to play the Penguins and, wouldn’t you know it, both Orr and Engelland were in the lineup.

The result? Another epic battle.

Check it out:

It wasn’t exactly a unanimous decision, to borrow a boxing term, but Engelland certainly came away with a nasty shiner. So you have to give this one to Orr. Finally.

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