JaVale McGee Performed a Self Alley-Oop Dunk Against the Rockets Last Night (Video)

javale mcgee self alley-oop dunk

The last time we saw JaVale McGee perform a self alley-oop dunk in a game, we also saw his coach and teammates get pretty pissed off. Why? Because said dunk came when his team at the time, the Wizards, were trailing the Rockets by 11 points. Moreover, there was no tactical reason for the self alley-oop; McGee had an unobstructed path to the basket, so the dunk was purely for show.

However, it seems as though McGee has turned a new leaf this year with the Nuggets. Last March in his Denver debut, he hit the game-winning shot. And now he’s performed another self alley-oop, but this time the situation actually called for it.

At the end of the 3rd quarter of last night’s game between the Nuggets and Rockets in Houston, McGee found himself with the ball in the lane and no open teammate to pass it to. More importantly, his team was actually winning comfortably at the time, thus making it acceptable to take a risk. So he tossed it off the backboard and slammed it home with one hand.

Then he put up the old celebratory finger-stache. Check it out:

Not bad, right? Maybe this kid is finally starting to figure out how to use his talent.

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