18 Sports GIFs Featuring People Doing Weird Things with Their Tongues

sports tongue gifs

I was browsing around the web the other day when I stumbled upon a hilarious GIF of a certain famous, widely despised MVP basketball player (okay, it’s LeBron) doing something very weird with his tongue. And as I watched the GIF repeat, over and over and over again, I starting wondering, there have to be other GIFs like this out there, right? Athletes are always sticking their tongues out while they play, and fans are always taunting players, coaches, and other fans. So this LeBron GIF can’t be the only one.

Well, it wasn’t. I scoured the interwebz for a while and I found 17 other amusing GIFs that stand up with the LeBron GIF. And so today, I present you this list. It’s pretty funny and definitely worth a look.

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